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Welcome to Iya Valley. After a busy journey, it's time to relax and enjoy nature.

There are several ways to explore this area, find the one you like and love this place like we do.

Forest Adventure



360m long zipslide, 15m high activity: walk in the air, fly over the river.


Yoshino river, the fastest river in Japan. Every summer many people come rafting. It's the best way to experience Oboke gorge.


We are surrounded by mountains. Take a walk in Mountain Tsurugi, which is the 2nd highest mountain in Shikoku. Be aware that the road is closed from late Dec. to Mar. 31.


In the west of Iya, there are Iyakei, the peeing boy and the  vine bridge. In the east, there are Ochiai, the scarecrow village and the double vine bridge.


How about taking a good bath in an open air hot spring? Three onsens are nearby. Slip into the hot water and relax. Recharge your energy to continue your journey.

Sea of vlouds

Unkai, which means sea of clouds, is most common when the seasons change in Mar. and Apr., and from Oct. to Dec.. It's usually in the early morning around 7pm.

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